How to Create Channels and Groups on Telegram?

Welcome, Today we'll tell you how to create groups on Telegram and create channels on Telegram. If you don't know, you must read this article in full. Because here I'm going to give you all the information about how to create groups and channels on Telegram.

If you are not aware of Telegram, first of all, I tell you what telegram is? telegram chatting application is exactly like WhatsApp. Just as we create groups on WhatsApp and chat with our friends, we can also chat in Telegram and create groups and we can create channels on Telegram.

Inside WhatsApp, we can not create channels but can create on Telegram. Today we are going to talk about this topic. First I'll teach you how to create a Telegram channel and then I'll tell you how to create a Telegram group.

How to Create Channels on Telegram 

First, you need to download the Telegram app. You can do it from the play store. Later, you need to enter your mobile number and create an account in Telegram. It's exactly the same as WhatsApp.

Now, in whatever step you are going to tell you here, keep following it.

When you open Telegram for the first time, you'll need to click on the top mark with 3 lines. After you click it, you'll see what's shown in the screenshot below.

1. At the top you'll see your name and mobile number and some options will also be visible below it. The third option of which is a New channel. You have to click on that option.

After clicking on the option that will let you show something like that,

2. At the top you have to name the channel and write down the description of that channel means writing something about the channel. And you'll also need to upload a photo for your channel.

3. Then you need to click the right icon that's showing at the top.

Then a new screen will come,

4. If you want to keep this channel public, click on the public channel and tick private if you want to keep it private.

5. Now you need to create a link to your channel. You can type any name there and later you can share this link and invite people to your channel.

You've just become your Telegram channel and now you can do whatever you want to share on that channel. Now we talk about how to create a group on Telegram?

How to Create a Telegram Group 

1. To create a group on telegram, I've been the first screenshot to tell you to step 1 where you need to click on the New group option.

2. You'll see a list of all the contacts on your phone and the one you're using telegram and you'll need to add some members.

3. Give your group name and description.

Just now your Telegram group is ready to be ready now that anyone can join your group. And you'll have all the control of that group because you're the admin of that group. You can remove and add whomever you want. So now you'll know how to create a group on Telegram.

If you need to delete the Telegram group, you need to click the Delete Group option and your group will be deleted.

In this article, we talked about how to create a Telegram channel and create a Telegram group. If you have any related questions, you can comment. So now you'll have a complete understanding of how to create channels and groups on Telegram.

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