'Boba Fett's book' gives prominence to 'The Mandalorian' in its first season (for better and for worse)

SPOILERS beware!

* If you haven't seen Chapter 7 of 'The Boba Fett Book', 'In the Name of Honor', then read no further! And if you're a fan of 'The Mandalorian' and you haven't hit play yet... Run!

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'The Book of Boba Fett' closes its season 1 betting on the strong point of its latest episodes, those truly dynamic ones, those that have managed to awaken all 'Star Wars' fans from lethargy who go wildly from references to products less popular and what they are looking for is rhythm, consistency and galactic action. 

Thus, he underlines the choice of turning Boba into a secondary character in his own series, an accessory character that does not come close to the magnetism exerted by the star couple of 'The Mandalorian', the character embodied by Pedro Pascal and his Baby Yoda.

Of course, Chapter 7 - 'In the name of honor', is a gem of a galactic episode. Directed by Robert Rodriguez with Jon Favreau returning to script, this ending to the first season of Boba combines all the elements that make 'Star Wars' being 'Star Wars.' 

Its action has a point of being spectacular (although the choreographies come with the occasional ridiculous moment), the resolution of the conflict with the Pyke Syndicate is well brought, even suggesting a second reading with interesting political reflection, and the reunion between Mando and Grogu melts with love which is a bad thing.

It is certainly a fairly round episode also thanks to the comic point of Amy Sedaris and the face-to-face between Cad Bane and Boba, but what all these elements highlight is the abyss in terms of ease and interest that can be seen between the last episodes and the first.

Thus, the trajectory of this series is perceived as very uneven in terms of the development of its narrative, and the weight that this has depended on the kind of fan you are is extremely curious. 

'The Mandalorian' achieved what no one had asked for, something that now seems essential: to congratulate the most 'expert' followers on galactic issues with those who enjoy powerful development, whether 'Star Wars' or not. While 'Boba' gets to bore those viewers who do not consider this franchise created by George Lucas as a passion. This Boba, Mando as a mainstay of 'The Boba Fett Book', is another story.

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Taking stock of the entire plot arc of the season, the cameo that Temuera Morrison makes in the television proposal that should make his epic bounty hunter shine stands out on the one hand; and it also highlights the prologue of the Mandalorian season 3 that marks the Favreau / Dave Filoni team, a 'trap' that turns many of its moments into some of the best that have ever been seen in the saga.

Episodes 5, 6, and 7 collect the characteristic essence of the success of 'Star Wars', with the return of the Dark Saber, Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka, and of course Grogu; and including a tremendous leap for the plot, that is, providing a lot of chichas. These 'crossovers' between 'The Mandalorian' and 'The Book of Boba Fett' have been anything but shy, something key when it comes to arousing the enthusiasm of Disney + users.

But that absence of a homogeneous level between the episodes of Boba takes its toll and it doesn't just come from the content, but also from the filmmakers who have gone behind the cameras of season 1. Bryce Dallas Howard gets all the juice possible from 'The Return of the Mandalorian' consecrating himself as one of the best directors of the saga right now, Rodriguez shines more than in previous incursions, and Filoni improves, a lot. 

This 'Star Wars' expert, Padawan to the father of the universe, is unerring in his inclusion of winks, self-referential dialogue, and clever use of beloved characters, but he may not have had Favreau's directing prowess. In 'A stranger arrives from the desert' he takes an exponential leap in this regard and underlines (again) that Favreau's scripts improve a lot when they are built with his galactic knowledge and affection. Filoni is the best he has right now in 'Star Wars,' hands down.

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The Book of Command

As a season, embracing marathon mode, 'The Book of Boba Fett' will probably win its own, and undoubtedly the inclusion of Mando and Baby Yoda improves the proposal, but does it do Boba justice? After years of comings and goings, films that did not materialize, and other failed projects, Morrison has had the opportunity to delve into the gears of the gunslinger. 

He has done it with elements that had previously been seen in comics or other publications of 'Star Wars', something that has pleased the hardcore fandom, but are all these revelations of the character better than the mystery was?

Boba seemed more assertive, but in her series Fennec Shand, she has to play babysitter, while the new leader of Tatooine teases him to the pointer. And breaking preconceived ideas can work well, but if the tone is found. Fett takes himself too seriously to be a complete nerd half the time, so the balance isn't even off. 

He has difficulty assuming his new role, but he does not express it in a way that pushes the consolidation of the character. Of course, this way the right hand embodied by Ming-Na Wen wins, because not only is his mercenary more solidly composed, but thanks to Wen's ability, she shines. Morrison, things as they are, do not have the same tools.

Drawn like this, Boba does not hold his own tinglao', as much as it is a welcome addition if used in small doses to accompany 'The Mandalorian', a galactic titan so enormous as to transcend popular culture as the Boba did. from the Original Trilogy, not this one. Hopefully with 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' the focus is different because the series headed by Ewan McGregor deserves more. If the predictions come true, we will be out of doubt on May 4, 2022. May the Force be with us.

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