Valimai Movie Review: This is a movie that action lovers will love

Valimai Movie Review: Hero Ajith himself loves bike races. Valimai is a movie directed by H. Vinod that incorporates his favorite topic. This is the title that means strength. Being a Pan India film, it was released in Telugu with the same Tamil title. Let's see to what extent this movie connects to the Telugu audience.

Valimai Movie Review
Valimai Review

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Karthikeya Gummakonda, Huma Qureshi, Bani, Sumitra, Raj Ayyappa, Dhruvan, Dinesh Prabhakar, Selva, Achyut Kumar, Sunayana, etc.

Writing-Directing: H. Entertainment

Producer: Bonikapur

Camera: Nirav Shah

Editing: Vijay fingered

Music: Gibran (Background), Yuvan Shankar Raja (Songs)

Production companies: Zee Studios, Bay View Projects LLC

Released: February 24, 2022

Chain snatchings, thefts, drug dealing, and murders are all rife in Vizag. The city commissioner thinks that finding a good person will put a full stop to everything. Arjun (Ajith) takes charge at exactly that time. He will have the support of the Narcotic Officer Sofia (Huma). 

Arjun discovers many things based on suicide in the city. In that sequence, Arjun finds out about Naren, the leader of the Satan Slaves. Arjun finds out the shocking news at a time when he wants to arrest Naren and get everything right. 

What is it? Why is Arjun suspended from his job? The key to the conditions his mother put on him, was why the link to the professional aspects fell? What was it about Sofia that got him together? All such interesting things.

This is a subject that will entertain action lovers. The cost incurred by the producers is visible in each frame. A film that is screened without compromising anywhere. Bike racing and action episodes are extremely eye-catching. 

Ajith himself seems to have done it with more passion as he loves bike riding. Karthikeyan acted as his rival. Huma Qureshi got a good role as an action lady. The words that speak of the greatness of parenthood are also impressive.

In most cases, the sensitive issues are very well touched by the director. For the hero to drive the story it feels like a family, combining things like conflicts within that family. While they did not contribute much to the storytelling, they did give the audience the feeling of re-watching the well-known story.

The lack of unpredictable twists and turns is nowhere to be found and the audience is more likely to be bored. The fact that a person like a commissioner is dependent on a simple officer and runs the whole story as a one-man show is not very impressive.

Valimai is a movie that is only for those who want action movies.

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