Kate Winslet star and producer of the HBO miniseries 'The Palace

The miniseries will tell about a year inside the walls of a building in an authoritarian regime.


The Palace will be directed by Stephen Frears, director of The Queen, and was written by Will Tracy, screenwriter of Succession. After Mildred Pierce, Murder in Easttown, and Trust (which we told you about no more than a month ago), the duo between Kate Winslet and HBO, the US cable broadcaster, is destined not to stop. 

The Oscar-winning actress will, in fact, star in and produce The Palace, a miniseries directed and produced by Stephen Frears, director of films such as Risky Habits, The Queen - The Queen, Florence and High Fidelity. Written by Will Tracy, screenwriter of the Succession series, the miniseries will tell the story of a year inside the walls of a building linked to an authoritarian regime as the political situation begins to spiral out of control.

“We are honored to work with this incredibly talented group of filmmakers to make The Palace. The idea that Kate Winslet and Stephen Frears, two of our industry's benchmarks - who, incredibly, have never collaborated before - are joining forces to bring Will Tracy's insanely original scripts to life in able to anticipate the times and incredible, it is for us a dream that becomes reality, ”said Francesca Orsi, vice president of HBO.

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