House of the Dragon xvideos: 10 times Daemon Targaryen has proven himself to be an evil King

House of The Dragon xvideos

King Daemon Targaryen, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Kingdom, let's face it, sure sounds good. As the swashbuckling alleged heir to the Iron Throne, he spends the first episode of House of the Dragon trivializing the regime of King Viserys. Daemon is convinced that he is the only one worthy to take the place of his older brother.

Unfortunately for Daemon, Viserys gets more tired of his arrogance every day. The exhausting relationship between the two Targaryen brothers reaches a breaking point at the end of the episode: Viserys desired Daemon from the line of succession in favor of Rhaenyra. The King's decision makes logical sense, especially when one considers his brother's self-centered tendencies and predisposition to violence.

But, if on the one hand, Daemon is the most important Targaryen of the series (here we explain why), let's see the 10 moments (pre-time jump) that prove that Daemon would be a bad king.

Attention! The following contains spoilers about the episodes that have already aired in House of the Dragon Season 1. Read on at your own risk.

1. He kills his wife in cold blood

House of The Dragon xvideos

Like any married citizen of the kingdom, Daemon is bound to Lady Rhea Royce by divine law. An expulsion is a common event, but the sanctity of marriage cannot be circumvented unless one of the two spouses dies. Daemon acknowledges his plight, explaining why he chooses to kill his wife in cold blood.

The Prince travels alone to the Vale, where he meets Lady Rhea on her horse. After a brief conversation, Daemon scares the horse who throws the woman to the ground and then falls on her, crushing her body. Rhea then ridicules her husband's "cowardly" attitude, forcing him to finish the job with a boulder. Daemon genuinely loves Rhaenyra, but his way of thinking is dangerous and unpredictable.

This new series, which serves as a prequel to the events of Game of Thrones, adapts George R.R. Martin of 2018 to bring the beginnings of House Targaryen to the screen.

2. Daemon deliberately tarnishes his granddaughter's reputation

House of The Dragon xvideos

Daemon accompanies Rhaenyra into the bowels of Flea Bottom, exposing his hitherto naive niece to the wonderful world of sexual freedom. Although the Princess has every right to express her physical needs, her reckless behavior puts her claim to the Iron Throne at risk.

One of Mysaria's henchmen sees Rhaenyra at the exit of the brothel and immediately informs Otto Hightower, who does not waste this wonderful opportunity. King Viserys furiously accuses his brother of serious wrongdoing, but Daemon asks "Rhaenyra to wife", declaring that "they will restore the House of the Dragon to its righteous glory". This ploy may have worked in the past, but Western Continent would probably rebel against such an "impious" union.

3. He throws a tantrum when Viserys defies him

House of The Dragon xvideos

Viserys is furious when he hears Daemon's callous reaction to Baelon's death. The King promptly deserts the Prince, stating that he prefers to "celebrate his own rise" rather than offer his emotional support. In response, Daemon throws a huge tantrum and escapes to Dragonstone.

He also brings the City Guard with him, leaving King's Landing defenseless. As if that weren't enough, Daemon steals the dragon egg destined for Baelon from under Viserys' nose. A true leader displays empathy, decency, remorse, and responsibility, concepts that might even be foreign to an egotist like Daemon Targaryen.

4. Daemon makes fun of dead grandson in public

House of The Dragon xvideos

Daemon Targaryen is absolutely shameless. He not only claims Game of Thrones as his birthright, but he also despises the King's alleged incompetence. Although Queen Aemma and Prince Baelon die after Caesarean delivery, Daemon does not attempt to console his bereaved brother.

On the contrary, the Prince organizes an impromptu party in a brothel. He commemorates the death of his newborn grandson by calling him "Heir for a day", indirectly revealing his ardent desire to obtain the Iron Throne. Daemon clearly cares more for himself than for his family, another reason why he is not worthy of the Crown.

5. He betrays his brother by making a deal with Corlys Velaryon

House of The Dragon xvideos

Viserys is all too lenient with her little brother. The King indulges the Prince on several occasions, oblivious to all the negative publicity created by Daemon's reckless actions. Lord Corlys cunningly uses Daemon's insecurities against him, arguing that, "as second sons of the realm", their "value is not given but must be demonstrated".

Prince Targaryen falls into the cunning machinations of the Lord of the Sea. Although Daemon's decision to attack the Stepstones is politically flawless, open violation of the King's royal decree weakens House Targaryen's hold on the Iron Throne.

6. Daemon is beyond the law

House of The Dragon xvideos

Although the royal family is slightly more immune to punishment than all other members of the kingdom, kings are not beyond the law either. Cersei betrays Ned Stark to keep her son on the Iron Throne, as she understands the consequences of Joffrey's illegitimacy.

However, Prince Daemon calmly dispenses his barbaric justice in the first episode of the series. He mutilates, dismembers, and beheads dozens of so-called criminals, a savage show of strength that doesn't go down to the Little Council. Most importantly, Daemon feels a perverse sense of pleasure in his methods.

7. Risk your life to win

House of The Dragon xvideos

Kings rarely participate in battles, unless the fighting reaches their doorstep. Again, the Royal Guard automatically goes into action to defend their lord. There is no reason for the Crown to unnecessarily put itself in danger. Daemon, on the other hand, makes an extremely dangerous move to flush out the Nutrigranchi from his hiding place.

He enters the enemy's lair without any military aid, lays down his sword, and throws himself at the mercy of Cragas Drahar. Daemon's final victory is irrelevant: he shouldn't take such risks if he wants to sit on the Iron Throne someday.

8. Daemon nearly kills the "messenger"

House of The Dragon xvideos

“Ambassador Does Not Take Penalty” is an unofficial rule that has been respected for centuries, both in the real world and in Westeros. The messengers must be sent back unharmed because they are not responsible for the bad news they bring. King Viserys sends a message to Daemon, providing him with the reinforcements he needs to fight in the Stepstones.

Instead of being happy or, at least, relieved, the Prince violently attacks the messenger. The worst thing about this situation is that the messenger brings good news. Daemon is too immature to accept the help of his older brother.

9. Constantly insults those who are weaker than him

House of The Dragon xvideos

The Great Houses of Westeros are notoriously apathetic towards the plight of the commoners. These aristocrats routinely abuse and mistreat their low-ranking employees, most of whom are unable to fight back. Even the rulers of Westeros are known to mock the peasants: Cersei even confirms to Sansa that "the only way to keep the little people faithful is to make sure they are afraid of the Iron Throne".

While Viserys shows some compassion towards his people, Daemon insults anyone weaker than him. The Prince shows an absolute lack of courtesy during the Tournament of the Heir, where he cheerfully mocks his opponents before unsaddling them.

10. Daemon would rather spend his time at Flea Bottom

House of The Dragon xvideos

As the only truly cosmopolitan city in Westeros, King's Landing contains a wide range of neighborhoods and sectors. One of the best-known neighborhoods is the Fondo delle Pulci, a labyrinthine network of decrepit buildings and squalid streets. Many high-society citizens can be found loitering in this locality, particularly in gambling houses and brothels.

Prince Daemon Targaryen often frequents the brothels in Flea Bottom, where he doesn't even bother to protect his own identity. Viserys may ignore his brother's shady predilections, but others, such as Otto Hightower, find Daemon's frivolous conduct inappropriate.

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