The Equalizer 3, drug on the Amalfi set: the Carabinieri arrested two people!

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Incredible what happened on the set of The Equalizer 3: the Carabinieri arrested two people for drug possession!

Since last October 19, as announced by Sony Pictures itself through its official social channels, the cast and crew of The Equalizer 3 - the third chapter of the action saga starring Denzel Washington in the role of former CIA agent Robert McCall - they started the production of the film right in our country, more precisely in the magical setting of the Amalfi Coast. According to reports from Il Messaggero, the set of the film was transformed into a crime scene in a few days. Here's what happened!

What happened on the set of The Equalizer 3?

Law enforcement investigations on the set of The Equalizer 3 began on the evening of November 1, when the catering manager - a 55-year-old native of Rome - died after suffering a heart attack upon leaving. a local. Rushed to the scene, the carabinieri found an unspecified amount of drugs in the man's pockets. 

In the afternoon of the following day, the carabinieri of the Amalfi Company, headed by Captain Umberto D’Angelantonio, checked the staff quarters and the entire production. After a thorough search, the officers of the weapon discovered 120 grams of cocaine, attributable to the two caterers, also both Roman, who is now accused of possession and sale of drugs. 

The two employees are currently under house arrest in a hotel in Maiori, the same one where they were staying. As if this were not enough, on the evening of October 31, another member of the production staff was arrested for a police check and found in possession of small quantities of cocaine for personal use. Only his driving license was withdrawn from the man.

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