Adani Group: Cannot hide fraud in the name of nationalism.. Hindenburg on Adani's response

Adani group issued a lengthy response yesterday refuting the Hindenburg report. Hindenburg, who recently responded to this response, denied the allegations of the Adani Group. Duyya asserted that fraud cannot be obscured in the name of nationalism.

Delhi: The report given by the US-based investment research firm Hindenburg Research that the Adani Group (Adani Group) is involved in manipulations in its shares is shaking the Indian stock markets. Adani Group strongly denied these allegations. The American company has accused the company of spreading false propaganda about India's growth. However, Hindenburg rejected Adani's response. She replied with strong comments that she cannot hide the fraud in the name of nationalism.

It is known that Hindenburg's report that the Adani Group was committing manipulations in its shares and fraud in its accounts had led to a lot of scandals. Adani Group gave its response yesterday in 413 pages. "This is not an attack on any company. It is a deliberate attack on India, Indian independence, Indian institutions, growth story, and aspirations. But Hindenburg's latest response to Adani Group's response.

"The Adani Group is trying to divert attention from important issues. It is raising the issue of nationalism. It is spreading that our report is to attack India. We will not accept this. We believe that India is a powerful democracy and a growing superpower with an exciting future. But we believe that it is equally true that the Adani Group, which is systematically looting the country under the guise of nationalism, is becoming an obstacle to the future of the country. Whether it's rich or anonymous, fraud is always a fraud. "Deception cannot be concealed in the name of nationalism or by vague responses," Hindenburg responded sharply. Adani Group said that out of 82 questions asked in its report, 62 questions were not answered.


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